April 2016 Highlights

01st May 2016
This month kicked off with our weekly health walks starting back. With the weather starting to improve slightly, they have proven to be highly popular with a lot of the same people attending each week. The walks have been great for people to work towards a healthier lifestyle, discover some of the woodlands and wildlife and make some new friends too. So far as a group they have walked 277.4km or 172.2 miles.

April was also a busy month with 2 of our most popular events taking place – the Easter Bunny Hunt – Around 200 people attended this event (despite a lot of rain) The ’self-led’ bunny walk where the participants took a stroll through the woods to find the 11 hidden letters to spell out this year’s word “mallard duck”. Some clues were given along the way and of course by the end of the walk you got a chance to see the mallard duck right next to you in the pond. Well done to all those people who guessed the word right and got themselves a chocolate egg!

There was also lots of arts and crafts going on indoors for those who wanted to stay dry, making some Easter bunny masks and other exciting creatures! The rain managed to stay off for the egg and spoon race until finally we ended the event with our duck race along the burn - when it poured on us all but that didn’t stop everyone cheering their duck on to the end!

The following week Owl Magic returned to the stables for another Owl Magic event. Again with a turnout of around 200 people enjoying this free event. Owl Magic brought along with them a wonderful selection of owls. Of course, the main highlight of this event for most people is that they get the opportunity to hold an owl of their choice. Or if they prefer just to get up close to one and give them a soft touch. While people were waiting on their turn to see the owls there was an opportunity to make some arts and crafts (owl related of course) and take a self-led stroll through the woods.

The final event that took place in April was the Wonders of Wild Garlic. A guided walk through the woodlands of Castlemilk Park on a Sunday afternoon, to discover the wild garlic and other edible flora. There was an opportunity to sample a selection of wild garlic dishes followed by wild garlic and nettle soup, crackers with wild garlic pesto, washed down with a refreshing cup of dandelion tea.

Look out for our next ‘monthly highlights’ coming soon.