Castlemilks Ice House Clean Up...

04th October 2016
On Monday 3rd October Cassiltoun’s Community Woodland Officer and members of the How old are Yew? group (Castlemilk Park’s local history group) spent the afternoon in the woods removing vegetation growing in and around the old Ice House. Located in the woods of Castlemilk Park, the ice house is only short 5 minute walk from Castlemilk Stables.

As with many large country estate, Castlemilk House had its own ice house which was used for storing food and drink. It is believed that this ice house was built in the early part of the 19th century. The nearby pond (which was larger and closer) would have provided a source of ice. During the winter ice and snow would be taken into the ice house and packed with insulation, often straw or sawdust. It would remain frozen for many months, used as a source of ice during summer months, it could remain frozen until the following winter.

All that is visible of the ice house now is a series of stones that form part of lower part of the ice house. Protected with an ‘egg shaped’ green cage the Ice House had become badly overgrown making this interesting and important historic feature difficult to see. Thanks for the hard work of Drina, Susan and Eleanor the ice house is now visible.

The next meeting of the How old are Yew? group is on Friday 18th November at 1.30pm at Castlemilk Community Centre, new members always welcome.