29th October 2014
Preparation for our Halloween event started on late October when over 200 pumpkins arrived, ranging from the very small ‘munchkins’ that could sit in the palm of your hand to enormous pumpkins weighting over 20kg! These pumpkins would be a key part of our Halloween walk on 29th October and all needed carving.

On Saturday 24th October we held a community pumpkin carving day, working with local artists over 50 people turned up that day to help out. Over the course of the day we managed to carve over 150 pumpkins and each had their own design. I think you will agree that these pumpkins looked great.

Richard Bolton, Cassiltoun Community Woodland Officer commented “It's great to see so many people enjoying the woodlands in the dark. It was particular nice to hear a young child saying how pleased he was that he spotted the pumpkin he carved along the walk.”

Wednesday 29th October was our ‘Spooky Woodland Walk’ in the woods of Castlemilk Park. Over 400 people enjoyed our spooky woodland walks, discovering the horrors of Halloween, with our scary scarecrows and killer pumpkins. We would like to thank the artists, the actors and the staff of Cassiltoun Housing Association who gave up their evening to help out at this event.

Setting off for the spooky woodland walk

Some of the carved pumpkins