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Willow wreath making
27th August 2017
Today we spread a little seasonal magic with our fun filled willow wreath making event. This is the fourth year we have held this event and it was the busiest yet with over 70 people attending.
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Castlemilks Ice House Clean Up...
04th October 2016
On Monday 3rd October Cassiltoun’s Community Woodland Officer and members of the How old are Yew? group (Castlemilk Park’s local history group) spent the afternoon in the woods removing vegetation growing in and around the old Ice House. Located in the woods of Castlemilk Park, the ice house is only short 5 minute walk from Castlemilk Stables.

As with many large country estate, Castlemilk House had its own ice house which was used for storing food and drink. It is believed that this ice house was built in the early part of the 19th century. The nearby pond (which was larger and closer) would have provided a source of ice. During the winter ice and snow would be taken into the ice house and packed with insulation, often straw or sawdust. It would remain frozen for many months, used as a source of ice during summer months, it could remain frozen until the following winter.

All that is visible of the ice house now is a series of stones that form part of lower part of the ice house. Protected with an ‘egg shaped’ green cage the Ice House had become badly overgrown making this interesting and important historic feature difficult to see. Thanks for the hard work of Drina, Susan and Eleanor the ice house is now visible.

The next meeting of the How old are Yew? group is on Friday 18th November at 1.30pm at Castlemilk Community Centre, new members always welcome.

Doggy Day
13th September 2016
Our Doggy Day event took place on the 29th of July.
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Castlemilk Park Project has won the inaugural Horticulture Week Custodian Awards
04th July 2016
We are delighted that the Castlemilk Park Project has won the inaugural Horticulture Week Custodian Awards for the Best Amenity Woodland / Forest Initiative.
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June Highlights...
04th July 2016
Find out what's been going on in the Park...
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Teddy Bears Picnic Event 18th June
04th July 2016
If you went down to the woods on Saturday the 18th of June you probably got a big surprise!
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How Old Are Yew?
23rd May 2016
Castlemilks History Groups new focus...
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OPAL citizen science: environmental surveys - creatures of the deep (water survey)
13th May 2016
Thursday 12th May 1.00pm - 3.00pm
Creatures of the deep: Water Survey
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Health Walk update – April
01st May 2016
Our weekly health walks started back on the 4th of April...
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April 2016 Highlights
01st May 2016
What has being going on in April...
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Easter Bunny Hunt
06th April 2016
Our Easter Bunny Hunt was a huge success despite the weather.....
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All about owls
10th February 2015
Our “all about owls” event proved to be extremely popular with 250 people enjoying this free event. Owl Magic brought along a wonderful selection of owls including a Tawny Owl, White face Scops Owl, Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl and European Eagle Owl to name but a few. The highlight...
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Monkey Puzzle
03rd February 2015
One of Castlemilk Parks most loved trees blew down on 12th March 2014. The monkey puzzle tree had stood by the stone bridge for over 150 years and to many local residents it formed part of their childhood memories.
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January highlights
31st January 2015
Highlights of the events that took place in January 2015
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New for 2015 - OPAL citizen science surveys
29th January 2015
New for 2015, this year you can take part in OPAL citizen science surveys within Castlemilk Park. These free events are run with the help of the Glasgow Science Centre and are a great way to discover wildlife right on your doorstep
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Walk off your Christmas Spirit
03rd January 2015
The sun was shining and there was just a hint of coldness in the air. It was the ideal day for our walk off your Christmas Spirit event on the Saturday January 3rd 2015.
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29th October 2014
Halloween horrors and spooky fun in Castlemilk Park
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Doggie day
16th July 2014
Another new event for 2014 was our doggie day, this fun filled event for our four legged friends and their owners proved popular with over 70 dogs and over 200 people attending.
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A midsummer night's dream
21st June 2014
On midsummer night, Chapter House Theatre Company put on a fantastic performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
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Forest fairies and folklore
18th May 2014
It was a lovely sunny Sunday morning and the kids were excited to get into the woods to see if they could see any fairies. Some of the younger girls had their fairy outfits and wings on which added to the day.
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