How Old Are Yew?

23rd May 2016
How Old Are Yew? – Castlemilks Ice House

Our local history group started back up again on Friday (20th May). This group has been running for around 4 years now and is popular with the local people getting involved. It is a very hands on group, getting everyone involved in our latest history project – which this time round is: Castlemilks Ice House. The idea was proposed to group and they were keen to learn about the history of the ice house and be part of possibly restoring the ice house too.

The ice house was previously part of the Castlemilk House. It is situated among the woodlands of Castlemilk and the remains is now protected with a green fence/cage which is locked. A lot of people are unaware of this ice house even existing and even walk past it every day without realising!

At the moment no one has access to the ice house – as the keys to the cage have been lost. Our aim is to gain access again and to get started on restoring and studying the remains of the ice house. Most of the remains are covered by over grown wild life so they group will start on this project by heavily cutting this back.

Our next meet up we plan on taking the group to visit another ice house to get more of a feel for what they are like and some inspiration for the Castlemilk ice house.